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For swimmers to particpate in any OCSC competitions or events, they must be a registered swimmer with United States Swimming (USAS) and attached to a USAS registered team.  In addition, the team must be registered with the Orange County Swim Conference.

All OCSC team are divided up into Regions.  Teams are assigned to different regions based on their "home" location, as well as, the need to provide balance within the conference.  At the beginning of the season, teams schedule dual meets with other teams.  Each team must have at least one dual meet with each team within its Region, but may schedule as many dual meets at the want.

For 2016, we have 12 teams divided up in the following Regions:

Region 1
Brea Glenbrook Swim Team  (BGST)
East Lake Eagle Rays  (RAYS)
Swim Team of Placentia  (STOP)
Tustin Dolphins (TD)

Region 2
Long Beach Shore Aquatics  (SHORE)
Rocket Fish Swim Team  (RFSH)
Seal Beach Swim Club (SEAL)

Region 3
​Aqua Wave Otters (AQUA)
Splash Aquatics  (SPLA)
​Los Alamitos Swordfish (SWFH)