​Regional Finals

For 2020, Regional Finals will be held Friday August 1st - Saturday, August 2nd
All OCSC teams are divided into different Regions at the beginning of the season.  Generally, there are 3 or 4 Regions.  At the end of the season, after all of the practice meets, all the teams within a particular Region come together for Finals meet to establish individual times to be considered for Championships, and to determine the Regional Finals Champion.

For swimmers to participate in Finals, swimmers must have participated in at least 1 dual meet with a team within their region. Swimmers may swim a maximum of 2 individual events, and 2 relays.  

​OCSC Championships

For 2020, OCSC Championship will be held on Tuesday, August 5th
OCSC Championships is the championship meet for the entire conference.  At Championships, the top 8 swimmers for each event, from all the teams in the conference, compete against each other for individual and team awards.  The top 8 swimmers are selected based on the individual times established and their Regional Finals.  Only swimmers who participate in Finals are considered and may participate in Championships.  

OCSC Championships is held on the Tuesday, after the Finals weekend.

Past OCSC Champions
2019    Swim Team of Placentia
2018    Swim Team of Placentia
2017    Splash Aquatics
2016    Splash Aquatics
2015    Splash Aquatics
2014    Ladera Ranch Liquids
2013    Swim Team of Placentia
2012    Ladera Ranch Liquids
2011    Swim Team of Placentia
2010    Swim Team of Placentia
2009    Swim Team of Placentia
2008    Splash Aquatics
2007    Swim Team of Placentia
2006    Splash Aquatics
2005    Splash Aquatics
2004    Splash Aquatics

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